Celebration of Women’s International Day

Posted by Ava Culver

March 18, 2024

Patna Province celebrated International Women’s Day in coordination and collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Women made significant contributions as leaders by organizing events in rural areas and towns. Their participation and exchange of experiences, challenges, and learnings enhanced the women’s confidence. These programs were aimed at further advancement, requiring continued support to make these events more impactful and effective. Here are some of the glimpses of the celebrations from different units: 

Munalpath Dharan 

Navjyoti Center, Munalpath Dharan, Nepal, had the International Women’s Day celebration under the guidance of Sisters Aisha Kavalakattu, Bridget Lakra, and Jyoti Tudu. Unlike in other years, the IWD celebrations recognized men and children and gave them importance. It was a great opportunity where women showcased their talents courageously. One could see the joy in the faces of women and all those who gathered to commemorate the day.

Adarsh Mandair

Adarsh celebrated the International Women’s Day in the Karamtand village. There were around 200 men, women, and children. The head of the Panchayat (Mukhiya), Mrs. Sangeeta Devi, was the Chief guest on this occasion. Along with her, the assistant Mukhiya, Mrs. Lalita Devi, and the Sisters Victoria Kujur and Sister Rita Barla graced the occasion. All the women participated actively to make this day memorable. They welcomed the guests to the stage with tribal cultural dance & music. All the guests were honored with a shawl and flower bouquet. The Chief guest delivered an inspiring speech on women’s empowerment, gender equality, and education, urging them to be a change agent in society.

Navjyoti Center, Surkhet  

The staff of Navajyoti attended the “First Conference of Women at Karnali Province, Nepal,” organized by Birendranagar Municipality—the event aimed at raising awareness about women’s economic reliance and progress in society. The national slogan, “Empowerment of Women, Civilized and Prosperous Society,” was well-portrayed in different programs. Women from ten districts of Karnali Province and prominent and leading women of the area participated in this event. 

Shalom, Mokama 

The Sisters in Shalom, Mokama, celebrated International Women’s Day solemnly, praying for all the women during the Eucharistic celebration. Sister Suchita Kullu spoke a few words on Women’s Day before the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Reni, the Assistant Parish Priest of Mokama, appreciated and acknowledged the significant contributions of women in the world. The day began with wishing each other and radiating joy and gratitude for being a woman. In the evening, Sisters gathered together for prayer, facilitated by Sisters Basanti Lakra and Suchita Kullu. It was the best time of the day when Sisters had the opportunity to recall and share the momentous impact and difference they have made in the lives of women and children of Mokama, Bihar in particular, and at large in the society and the day ended with a fellowship cake cutting and dinner.

The women at Mokama left no stone unturned on the occasion of International Women’s Day under the able guidance and support of Sister Jane Karakunnel. They gathered at the Nazareth Academy campus and collectively envisioned a just society. It was a straightforward yet profound celebration of who they are and what they envision for their future. For many, it was the first celebration where they became aware of women’s rights and the world’s happenings.

Mahila Kalyan Kendra, Lupungutu (Chaibasa)  

Mahila Kalyan Kendra, Lupungutu had a week long International Women’s Day celebration in different villages. There was a unique football tournament on March 3, 2024, in Simbiya Village. A team comprised boys and girls between 7-10 and 11-13 who played against the opposite team. It was a historic moment for the players and the audience who witnessed this tournament. The MKK aimed to promote gender equality and inspire inclusion in all aspects of life. Besides the football tournament, the cultural program and singing competition were organized in other villages to mark International Women’s Day.

The Social Action Province Committee presented a special prayer and circulated it to all the communities. Though the schools missed celebrating International Women’s Day this time due to the Final/Board Examinations, the prayer united the Sisters in the communities to celebrate this day.

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  1. Maria Brocato

    How inspiring to view these celebrations for International Women’s Day! We are proud and grateful for the leadership of our Sister in planning these activities.


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