Celebration of Patriotism and Pride

January 30, 2024

India celebrated Republic Day on Jan. 26, 2024, commemorating the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950. This manifesto declared India as an independent, socialist, secular, and democratic republic. Celebrations are organized in schools, colleges, government offices, and private institutions to instill patriotism and civic duty among the citizens.

Republic Day celebrations in educational institutions promote patriotism and civic responsibility in future generations. They educate students on the history and democratic values of the Indian Republic. Students’ cultural activities highlight India’s history and tradition, while speeches and articles highlight the importance of the Indian Constitution. The patriotic decorations on school grounds include tricolors and balloons, creating an atmosphere of patriotism. Guest speakers emphasize patriotism and people’s commitment to upholding democratic values and contributing positively to the nation’s prosperity.

In various ministries in India, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth celebrated Republic Day with joy and pride towards the country.

Harmony in Diversity

Nazareth Convent High School, Vasai, celebrated Republic Day with pride and patriotism, promoting unity and understanding of India’s constitutional rights. The event began with a prayer service and the unfurling of the national flag by Chief Guest Mrs. Ujwala D’Cunha.

The children gave outstanding speeches and dance performances which demonstrated the notion of ‘Unity in Diversity’. The main highlight was a street play where the students addressed constitutional rights that included transgender rights, disabled rights, liberty, equality, education, and child exploitation. Mrs. Ujwala D’Cunha, the chief guest, was honored for her 25-year commitment to the school. The principal, Sr. Elizabeth Jaya Rani, presented an inspirational address that motivated and inspired the students to be true citizens of the country.

“Freedom in Mind, faith in our heart, memories in our soul.”

Nazareth School in Banakal commemorated the 75th Republic Day with joy and patriotism, embracing the spirit of unity and freedom. The program commenced with paying tribute to the country by unfurling the National flag by Mrs. Renuka, Police Sub-Inspector, Banakal. In her speech to the students, she highlighted our fundamental rights to equality, freedom, protection from exploitation, religious freedom, cultural and educational liberties, and constitutional remedies. Students participated in a variety of performances, including music, dance, a fashion display, and a narration of the Indian Constitution, reflecting the nation’s principles. The program was successful in conveying the vitality of Republic Day and the spirit of patriotism.

Into that heaven of freedom, My Father, let my country awake

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of India’s Constitutions, Nazareth School in Chandapura invited Mr. D. Rama Rao, an officer in the navy, Karnataka, as Chief Guest. Students exhibited cultural items demonstrating the achievements of leaders who envisioned a secular, sovereign, and democratic country.

The occasion sparked a renewed commitment to democratic ideals and a harmonious community. The day was filled with pride and patriotism as India holds one of the world’s largest written constitutions.

Celebrating the spirit of unity and pride

Asha Deep Ujjval celebrated the 75th Republic Day with much pride and enthusiasm. A few minutes of silence was observed to pay tribute to the leaders who contributed to creating India’s constitutions. The women and children were given a brief overview of the Indian Constitution. The Skill Trainees’ patriotic songs and remarks reminded everyone of our country’s richness and diversity in all aspects.

“One Nation, One Vision, one identity with unity in diversity”

St. Vincent Matriculation School in Trichy commemorated the 75th Republic Day as an occasion to appreciate the nation’s achievements. The students organized a variety of cultural activities to emphasize the four guiding values of the Constitution: justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. The students promised to establish an innovative way toward development, unity, and peace throughout the nation of India.



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