Catechism in Kenya

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 10, 2021

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are involved in developing a long-term pastoral plan for Gongoni Parish where before they did not have a pastoral plan with regard to ongoing Catechism.

During family visits to all the Catholic families in the parish and its outstations, they realized that the people did not have any ongoing Catechism or evangelization. People come in good numbers for Sunday liturgies but many are not baptized. Many do not receive any sacraments. Many couple’s marriages are not blessed in the Church. Very few receive eucharist during the liturgy. There is no ongoing catechism for children or adults.

This was the focus of discussion during the core team meeting which the Sisters and the priests have decided to have every month to share, discuss and plan for the parish. As a result last week they convened a meeting of all involved in any form of catechism and recruited new volunteers.

At this meeting, they drew up a long-term plan for ongoing Catechism in the parish and outstations for different groups preparing people for sacraments and ongoing evangelization of the faithful.


  1. Mary Gene Frank

    Incredible, outstanding, wonderful, visionary, and just what is expected of the SCN’s in their new ministry in Kenya
    Stay safe

  2. Maria Brocato

    What a wonderful beginning for our ministry in Kenya!y

  3. Martha Walsh SCN

    God’s blessings as you bring the good news in your new mission.

  4. Ann Palatty

    Faith formation is a fundamental need for Christians everywhere. You are certainly leading the way, Vinaya and Philo.

  5. rita puthenkalam

    God’s abundant blessings on our pastoral ministry in Kenya.


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