Call for a Peaceful and Inclusive Society

August 22, 2023

Freedom involves sacrifices and is not something we attain once and then forget. It is a responsibility to accept and maintain for the sake of future generations.

Every year, Indians feel proud to celebrate Independence Day on August 15. Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to bring independence to the country. The Indian Independence Movement united people of every religion, caste, class, state, and gender to fight for freedom together.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in various parts of India celebrated the 77th anniversary of Independence Day on Aug. 15, 2023. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth had organized events to instill a sense of patriotism in the hearts of the students and to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country’s independence from colonial rule.


Nazareth school held a brief program with chief guests Mr. Aravind and Mrs. Boomika, parents of Miss. Ahana. The students’ dances on “Different Cultures” showcased the values of embracing diverse cultures, ethnicities, languages, and religions.

Sister Hilda Lobo, SCN, emphasized the importance of unity and love, emphasizing that we all belong to the same family, India, and must unite for the betterment of our country.


Nazareth school had a short program, and the chief guest Dr. Balakumar Ramadas addressed students, emphasizing the sacrifices made by freedom fighters to liberate the country from foreign rule. He emphasized the importance of hard work and responsibility in safeguarding freedom. Cultural items successfully instilled patriotism and love for the nation.


Sister Premila Parackat, Director of Asha Deep Ujjval, spoke about the atrocities occurring in various parts of our country and also about citizens’ duties in bringing peace, harmony, and justice to our country.

She discussed the significance of the tri-color and the Ashok Chakra. The ritual helped the students comprehend Independence Day and their duties as citizens.


The occasion was graced by Mr. Xavier Lopes and Mrs. Sadhana Lopes, the parents of Ms. Lisa Lopes SSC topper of 2023. The program featured a moving tableau reflecting the sacrifices made by freedom fighters in the face of the nation’s current condition.

The visual narrative underlined the significance of protecting freedom and working together to create a better future. It also emphasized the importance of unity, diversity, and social responsibility in creating a progressive and inclusive society. The freedom we have today is the consequence of our ancestors’ efforts, and it is our common responsibility to work toward a peaceful and progressive future.


  1. Ann Palatty

    Vance Mataram. Our motherland Sare Jehan Se Achaea, now conquering even the moon. I am proud to be a citizen of this great nation.

  2. Sarah Ferriell

    Dear Friends, your rituals and celebrations are an inspiration for all of us as we work to value each member of our countries. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  3. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! How wonderful to see the Independence Day celebrations all over India! Thanks for spreading the joy and celebrations with us!
    We are proud with you all of the independence of India!!!!


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