Building a Home, Building Hope: Reflections from Sister Jacky

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 6, 2023

Sister Jacky Jesu shares a reflection of her time spent building a house in Belize with a group of international volunteers. This experience was a testament to the power of love, service, and community, and Sister Jacky’s words capture the heart of the project and its impact on all involved. With grace and humility, Sister Jacky shares her thoughts on this transformative experience, reminding us all of the transformative power of a little love, sweat, and hard work.

In the heart of Ladyville, Belize, a remarkable community project came to life as a group of international volunteers joined hands with the Hand in Hand Ministries and SCN volunteers to build a house in memory of the late Sister Elaine McCarron.

As a first-time participant in such a venture, I was filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience. To witness the building of a home for a single mother named Mary and her son was a joy that words cannot fully express. It was an international and intercultural group of people from Canada, USA, Peru, India and Belize who worked together with open hearts and a shared goal to complete this house. It was a beautiful demonstration of love and service transcending all boundaries.

The days spent building this home were filled with hope, love, joy, and tears. As we blessed the house and handed over the key to Mary, I was reminded of St. Vincent’s words, “Let us love God, my brothers and sisters, but let it be with the strength of our arms and the sweat of our brow.” Our small contribution may seem like a drop in the ocean, but I am confident that it will bring love and life to many in the world.

This experience was a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that love, service, and community can have on the lives of others. Let us continue to work together to bring hope, love, and joy to those in need, one drop in the ocean at a time.


  1. Maggie Vargas

    Thank you from Hand In Hand Ministries Belize for partnering with us! We are glad that you help our people and give them hope for a better future for their families! This is the true picture of treading lightly: embracing diversity, and communion for mission! Love to all and continued Blessings!!!!

  2. Maria Brocato

    Dear Jacky, your words give evidence of how much grace this experience brought to you. Thank you for being there to serve the good people of Belize!

  3. Mary. K. A

    Thank you Jacky for sharing your experience. The thought that arose in my mind was… If you could experience such an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction, how much more of such content ment Luke must be feeling in her entire life!! Tons and tons, in fact immeasurable….. Congrats. Life has it’s worth only by living for others.

    • Brenda Gonzales

      I am so glad that Hand in Hand continues to respond to the needs of the people of Belize. It began there 20 years ago and 400+ houses have been built and families lives have improved. I am so glad that the SCNs continue to collaborate and support this ministry, we are all blest ❤️

  4. Christine Beckett

    So grateful you were able to join in this special time, Jacky!!

    • Carlette Gentle

      Beautiful story and sharing. We here in Belize thank you and the group for all your hard work, time, energy that you put into the project while doing it with love and care. Thank you for your yes.


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