Botswana Foundation Day – 20 Years

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 7, 2020

Happy Foundation Day to Botswana! We celebrate 20 years of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s compassionate presence to the people of Botswana in the continent of Africa.

Today the Sisters celebrated 20 years of SCN presence in Botswana. On this special occasion, Father Thomas, SMI, the parish priest of Kanye was invited for the thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration. In his homily with a grateful heart, he remembered late Bishop Boniface who invited the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth to Botswana. He also thanked the Sisters for their committed service to the people.

Sisters fondly remembered Sister Olive Pinto and Tootsie Gish, SCNA, who were missioned in Botswana and have gone to their eternal reward. As well as all of the Sisters who served the people of Botswana.

We thank God for his love and faithfulness for these past 20 years. Also, we thank the SCN Congregation for their support in our life, mission, and ministries. 

After the meaningful Eucharistic celebration Sisters had a delicious dinner prepared by all three communities (Kanye, Lobatse, and Metsimotlhabe).

We ask God’s continuous blessings as we move towards the silver years.

With gratitude,

Sisters in Botswana | See more photos here.

Sister Ann Muthukattil chares the following reflection.

Twenty years just went so fast. As I reflect back on the past 20 years, we have many reasons to thank God. God has been journeying very closely with us filling us with blessing after blessing. My thoughts go beyond 20 years … our preparations, our selections of people, and our farewells are included as well.

I am deeply grateful to God and to our Congregation for trusting me to be a pioneer in an unknown continent. These past 20 years God has been gracious to me in my service to the people of Botswana. God blessed me with good health and good spirit.

The Church, especially the Diocese of Gaborone and the people of Botswana have recognized our special charism and our contributions to this nation. I am grateful to all our leaders for being with us, supporting us in our mission, ministries. and community.

Today what we are and what we are able to do is because of the total Congregation. Their presence and prayers helped us to be where we are. I thank all our leaders for their prayers, support, and presence.

Our call to Kenya is another landmark as we celebrate 20 years of our presence in Botswana. I pray that God who began this good work will help us to continue to spread the message of Christ in different parts of this large continent of Africa.

In Momkama, the 20th anniversary of the Foundation of Botswana Mission was celebrated with Sister Nalini, one of the pioneers of the mission.


  1. Maria Brocato

    Dear Sisters, how wonderful to know that we can celebrate twenty years of serving the good people of Botswana. May you be blessed for all that God will call you to in the future!

  2. Dot Jackson

    Sisters, I send the gift of the Spirit to you as you continue to serve the
    people of Botswana as they continue to grow and become a valuable
    voice of the people on a growing continent. May each of you remain
    in good health as the needs of the people are served peacefully in the
    midst of the challenges in our growing world. Prayers always. Dot

  3. Amrita SCN

    Congratulations dear sisters for your indomitable spirit in responding to the needs of Botswana and continuing to serve the people there. May God bless you and give you enough strength and enthusiasm to continue your mission in Africa. Prayed for you.

  4. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, SCNs in Botswana, past and present. Small in number, yet you have made a visible impact in the country. As you spread your wings further into Kenya may you experience God’s loving protection and providence. I too remember Olive and Tootsie with fond memories.

  5. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    Blessings and our missions in Botswana. The sharing of our charism in a new land has been a blessing for Botswana and for us, thank you.

  6. Susan Gatz

    Congratulations and gratitude to all who have served in Botswana over these 20 years. Abundant blessing!

  7. Beverly Hoffman

    I give thanks to our SCNs and lay missionaries who have served in Botswana for 20 years. May God continue to bless our congregation in the future!

    • Sister Luke

      Congratulations and thank you for your loving service!
      You all truly have been an inspiration!

  8. Liz

    I thank God for our pioneers! May we continue to hear the call of the Spirit!

  9. Monica Boggs

    Thanks and blessings to all the Sisters and lay missionaries who have served in Botswana. On my mission trip to Botswana, I was privileged to meet several of them. I will never forget their humility and hospitality.


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