Books Bring Joy to Kenyan Students at St. Francis of Assisi Primary School

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 21, 2023

In a small school nestled in the heart of Marereni, Kenya, a wonderful surprise has brought joy to the hearts of both teachers and students. St. Francis of Assisi Primary School has been gifted a library, something many children in the region can only dream of.

With limited resources, many students were forced to rely on what was taught in the classroom and their own notes. Neither the parents nor the school could afford to buy story books for their children since books are very expensive in Kenya. But now, thanks to the kindness and inititive of Sister Barbara Joseph Lammers, the children have access to a wealth of stories in both English and Kiswahili.

The students are thrilled with their new books, and they can hardly wait to explore the worlds that have been opened up to them. For many of these children, the access to books is a luxury, and the chance to do so for pleasure is a true treasure. This school caters to children from very poor economic back ground. Through this program children develop the habit of reading.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, staff, and students of St. Francis of Assisi Primary School are filled with gratitude to Sister Barbara Joseph for her thoughtfulness. They know that she has made a profound difference in the lives of these children, and they will never forget the impact of her kindness.

For these children, the library is more than just a collection of books – it is a gateway to new possibilities and endless opportunities. They will forever cherish the memories and the knowledge they gain from their new library, and they will always be grateful to those who made it possible.


  1. John Loretto Mueller


    You made the teacher and the students happy with the books you sent.

    Imagine how the students felt with their own book and the colors of the book and some in their own language.

    All thanks to you BJ.

  2. Ann Palatty

    How great an opportunity for these children in Kenya. In these days of mobile phone dependency, seeing children read books is a rare privilege. May they continue to widen their horizon through those books.


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