Blood Donation Camp in Banakal

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

August 10, 2022

Making a Difference in the Lives and Well-Being of the Poor

Each day, thousands of people need donated blood and blood products to keep them in good health or allow them to stay alive. Commemorating the Silver Jubilee year, Nazareth School, Banakal, organized a blood donation camp in association with Indian Red Cross, Chikkamagaluru, on Aug. 1, 2022. This was the first time in the history of the school that this noble event was organized by the management.

The students joyfully participated in the camp by encouraging their parents to donate blood. That their donation will eventually save the lives of the poor who could ill afford to buy blood when they needed it was the underlying motive of everyone who donated blood. Over 200 parents donated blood during the camp.

Present for the occasion were officials representing the government of Karnataka and the Red Cross Association of Chikkamagaluru and Dr. Muralidar, Senior Specialist, Government Hospital, Chikkamangaluru. He was assisted by six members of the government health department.

The entire team of the Red Cross Organization was grateful for this opportunity and thanked the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth for raising awareness among the public. Identifying blood donation as the greatest of all donations, the Red Cross representatives appreciated the blood donors as they provide a vital service to the community.


  1. Ann Moyalan

    This is a Great and a very inspiring activity undertaken by Nazareth School, Banakal. Many blessings on all who donated BLOOD !

  2. Ann Palatty

    A praiseworthy initiative by Nazareth School, Banakal. Congratulations.

  3. Angie Shaughnessy SCN

    So wonderful to give the gift of life!!!

  4. Kesari K. R

    Wonderful decision undertaken by school 🙏

  5. Lava Kumar H S

    It was wonderful programme.


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