Blessing prayer for the Associates of Botswana

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 1, 2018

The SCNs and Associates gathered in Kanye community on April 29, 2018, to wish and bless the two Associates, Anna Mosele and Beatrice Manda who are going to leave for India on May 6 to participate in the General Assembly of 2018. They will be accompanied by Sister Vinaya. Since it is the first visit to India, they will spend a few days in Mumbai, visiting some historical places. We are grateful to our Sisters in the Dockyard for their hospitality.

From Mumbai, they will fly to Cochin to have another experience of natural beauty, lifestyle, historical churches, and other places. They will arrive in Bangalore on the 19th by train from Cochin. We wish them a pleasant trip and wonderful time in India. May they have a rich experience of knowing many SCNs and SCNAs from across the globe.

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  1. Nirmala Mulackal

    Dear Anna Mosele and Beatrice Manda, so happy to hear that you are the first ones to arrive in India for the GA. Hearty welcome to both of you and have a delightful time in Kerala. Looking forward to meeting you in Bangalore. Hearty Welcome and an enriching stay.


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