Sisters gathered at St. Vincent de Paul Church Friday, May 6, 2022, for a blessing of Miriam Juarez as she entered Candidacy. 

Candidacy is the first step within the initial formation process. During this time, emphasis is placed on developing relationships with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth family and gaining knowledge about the Congregation’s history, mission, constitutions and vows, and experiencing community living.

During the initial part of Candidacy, Miriam will continue to reside in her home country of Belize. Over the next two months, she will remain in Belize City with Sister Carlette Gentle and Sister Kerry Rowland. She will then spend several months in the Toledo District with Sister Higinia Bol. The Toledo District, specifically Punta Gorda, is home to Miriam and where her family resides.

Eventually, Miriam’s Candidacy will include more extensive time at Nazareth and experiencing the various areas of mission within the Western Province.

At Friday’s blessing, the Sisters joyfully welcomed Miriam, presented her with a medal with the image of Mother Catherine Spalding, and offered their support and prayers during this sacred time.