Bee farming workshop

Posted by Spalding Hurst

December 2, 2019

At the end of a three-day training, 50 people were given two brood chambers with bees to take home to produce honey. They had attended a workshop from Nov. 27-29, 2019, to learn the technique of bee farming in Koshidekha, Nepal.

One day First Aid training was given to the students of classes seven to twelve at Shree Ram Secondary School in Koshidekha on the same date. This is one of the best high schools in Koshidekha area.

Koshidekha is in Kavre district, almost near to the epicenter of the two major earthquakes on April 25 and May 12, 2015. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth continue to accompany the people, doing rehabilitation works to bring back the lives of the people on track. Most of the people had lost their homes, livestock and whatever little savings they had in the earthquakes. After the immediate relief services, Sister Aisha Kavalakattu and other SCNs and their team moved into rehabilitation programs. They supplied seeds and manure for cultivation, water tanks for drinking water, toilets for sanitation, income-generating schemes for livelihood and eventually into making bricks to rebuild homes. It provided employment for people and prevented mass migration. Some of the promising youth were given revolving loans for poultry farms and other income-generating activities.

In the last three years, Sisters are into a major water project to supply water for drinking and cultivation. With the impact of the two major quakes, the source of the underground water had either dried up or changed its course. Kavre District is situated 1007 to 3018 meters above the sea level. After the quake, most of the natural streams dried up and there was an acute shortage of drinking water for both people and the animals. The water project is nearing completion. And once it is completed, seven hundred families will have an uninterrupted water supply to their homes. They will also be able to carry on their terrace cultivation in the Himalayan range.

For school-going children there are study centers supervised by animators. There is also a study center for all levels of children who study in the Shree Ram Secondary School. The headmaster of the school oversees the activities of that center. For the surprise of all, that government school had one of the best results in class ten and twelve this year in Nepal.

The rehabilitation work is done in the name of Nepal Nazareth Society, the registered legal body of the SCNs in Nepal. It is not only us who are working with the people here but also a concerted effort is made from all sectors, including the local and central government. In the process, people have learned to gather as a responsible group to plan and execute whatever common decisions they make for the sake of the whole. They have been empowered to visit government offices for permissions and to obtain schemes and programs which is rightfully theirs. There is also an attitudinal change among the people that they are willing to help one another in need and to contribute time and resources as per the need.

Malini Manjoly, SCN


  1. Mary Gene Frank, SCNA

    Prayers for the continued success of the rehabilitation efforts. Loved to see the pictures of the beehives. All are busy as the bees in making new lives.

    • sarita

      A good effort to save the environment!

  2. Dot Jackson

    Sisters, this a perfect example of what can be done if people are taught how
    everyone can benefit when they work together. And they do have the ability
    to change once they learn how to help one another.
    Our sharing with the people is a gift that we all can bring to our ministry. I will
    continue to prayer for you and the people. Dot Jackson


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