In India, SCNs Blanche Correia and Bridget Vadakeattam spent Aug. 27 and 28, 2021 at Deepalaya, Banakal, initiating and introducing the SCNA candidates to the process of becoming an Associate. Among the educational sessions, sharing the life story and call of Mother Catherine, and the charism of the SCN Congregation, identifying the influence the team could have on each other, growth in spirituality, personal transformation, and witnesses to the values of Jesus. Sisters asked the candidates to orient themselves and to be faithful to monthly meetings. Sisters also shared some of the activities of SCNA groups in different parts of the country. The group had an interactive session to clarify doubts and fears, and to also share hopes. At the closing of the session, Sister Bridget blessed each one. Sister Blanche encouraged a monthly gathering for prayer and sharing so that the candidates could prepare for induction into the program. The two-day event concluded with the candidates affirming that they will work towards becoming full-fledged SCNAs by Sept 2022, photos can be viewed here.