Attaining Practical Knowledge Through Experience

August 23, 2023

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Bankal, conducted co-curricular activities to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress, and character appeal to students. Along with other skills, Nazareth School introduced new activities to excel the students in the other fields of education. With the help of the exercises, the students were encouraged to think outside the box and display their own ideas via their work by thinking beyond the boundaries of traditional academic knowledge.

Extempore Speech

Nazareth School held an Inter House Extempore Competition to enhance confidence and orator skills. The contest helped students to express opinions freely and assert their creative thoughts, promoting spontaneous thought and precise expression of ideas.

Picture Collage

The picture collage competition was organized for students in grades I-V. The activity was designed to teach students skills such as visual art, craftwork, gluing, adhering, stapling, cutting, tearing, taping, and so on. Students learned to be creative and design-oriented through the activity, as well as to improve their focus, patternmaking, dimension, and composition skills.

Eco-Friendly Bag Making:

An Eco-Friendly Bag Making Competition was conducted for the grade VI-X. Students exhibited their enthusiasm and participation spirit by making eco–friendly bags using old clothes and newspapers, complementing the theme of nurturing nature.

This activity gave students a chance to show their artistic side and develop a sense of responsibility toward Mother Nature. It also gave the students a chance to show their artistic side. It was an engaging and interesting activity.

Etching Competition

On this day, classes VI – VIII had an etching competition. It was conducted to arouse an interest and create an artistic color and pattern creation among the students. The students enjoyed exploring new images and patterns.

Word Cloud

A word cloud competition was held for grades IX-XI on the topics of “leadership, education, and self-discipline.”

In the activity, students learned to utilize sincerity to build new connections, summarize subjects to develop knowledge, increase their focus level, learn legibility in writing and stimulate enthusiasm in learning new vocabulary based on the provided topic.


The activity helped students boost creativity and hand-eye coordination, as well as being an excellent way to curb stress and improve concentration.


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  1. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    Besides developing and deepening creative skills the students produced artwork that many can enjoy. Faculty, staff and students should be proud of their work.


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