Sharmila Wilson, an SCN Associate reflects on the charism of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and how it plays a role part in her life. She shares this first-hand experience of reaching out to someone in need.

We do know that crisis brings a sense of solidarity among the afflicted. I happened to hear that my friend Jennifer was suffering due to financial struggle. Although she had helped raise her family in the past, they did not reach out to her when she needed it.

Last year, life took a dreadful turn for Jennifer. The pandemic added misery to the family. Her family went through financial and mental struggles. She was unable to pay rent last year due to her financial crisis, however, the kind-hearted owner of the building was very understanding and allowed them to continue to stay in the house telling them to pay the rent when they could.

One fine day, in prayer, God inspired me to reach out to Jennifer just as St Vincent de Paul and Mother Catherine Spalding would have done. Immediately I shared this idea with my colleagues who are also SCN associates. Sister Blanche Correia supported our decision to contribute in cash and materials to the needy family. We collected a gift to be given to her and some provisions and went to visit her family with Sister Blanche.

Here we want to remember the encouragement and support received from Sister Bridget Vadakeattam, who had taken a lot of interest to prepare us to be an Associate. She had also counseled us individually for our family problems. She took a lot of initiative in inculcating the true charism within us.

We were truly inspired by the true charism of the foundress Mother Catherine Spalding and St Vincent de Paul, patron of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. We will continue to reach out to the poor as Mother Catherine and St. Vincent did. We are convinced and determined to go the extra mile to help others even after the pandemic.

Sharmila Wilson, SCNA