In early April, SCN Associates Joetta Davis and Mary Gene Frank with SCNs Nancy Gerth and Maria Vincent Brocato accompanied eighteen Presentation Academy girls on a Spring Mission Trip to Appalachia. While there for four days they accomplished a variety of tasks in home repair, such as building a ramp, putting up dry wall, laying a floor, painting the roof and underpinning of a mobile home. There were skilled adults to assist the girls besides two of the parents. This was the ninth year for this mission trip to Auxier, Kentucky which is under the auspices of Hand in Hand Ministries. The 2016 young Pres women exhibited the same willingness to work hard and manage whatever challenges were put before them. In the essay required of them before being accepted for the mission trip, two students echoed what many others expressed.

“I think this mission trip would be a wonderful opportunity for me. It would help me to focus on what is important in my life and be grateful for what I have. Since this is a pivotal point in my life I feel that it is crucial for me to build and strengthen my relationship with God and my faith. I believe that this trip will be a perfect opportunity to spread God’s message of love. More than anything, I want to help others.”

“Last year when I went on the mission trip, I was introduced to an incredibly hard-working team of young women who offered their time and talents generously. I am willing to work and be dedicated to any task assigned. I can share my ideas and skills, and learn new ones from others. I believe that this trip is an opportunity to make a difference, to meet the people of Appalachia, appreciate their culture and allow the experience to again be life-changing.”

The 2016 Mission Trip was a special and happy memory for the young women from Pres and their leaders.