SCN Associate Director Andy Meyer, his wife Diane Meyer and Associate Office Coordinator Tammy Mattingly traveled to Memphis, TN this past weekend to visit Sisters and Associates in the area.

Saturday included a visit with SCN Associate Rose Marie LaVoice, SCNA and husband Harry in Collierville, TN who have a long history with the SCNA relationship. Rose shared stories of growing up as a Catholic in Louisville. The rivalries and pride of Catholic schools and how times have changed. Rose and her family moved to Paducah, KY where she met Sharen Baldy, SCN, who taught her children. Her love of Sister Sharen and the SCNs was evident.

Sunday included Mass at St. Louis Catholic Church in Memphis where Associate Teddi Niedzwiedz is principal and cantored during the service. Following Mass was a gathering of Sisters and Associates where all enjoyed a lovely potluck meal. Most of the Memphis Faith Group were able to attend. We also welcomed Martha Borders, Associate from Little Rock. The time seemed to pass too quickly, but everyone had an opportunity to ask Andy about future Associate Office plans. Andy shared insights of what’s happening in the office and future plans. All seemed pleased with the direction Andy and the Core Council have taken in this short time and their willingness to listen.

After the question and answer session, Andy invited Associates Catherine Mensi and Janet Hart to renew their Associate commitments which each recited in unison with blessings from the group.

“We are truly grateful for the opportunity and the gracious hospitality we received during our visit.”