Associates connect across globe

Posted by Spalding Hurst

April 15, 2019

Sisters and Associates in Botswana gathered to celebrate SCNA Virginia “Tootsie” Gish’s birthday on Saturday. Tootsie is in Botswana currently for a short visit. She lived in Botswana previously. A visit back to Botswana is a treat Tootsie gave to herself on her 75th birthday. At a beautiful prayer service, the SCNAs blessed Tootsie as they gave her a bouquet of flowers. They also gifted her with birthday presents. They shared a delicious potluck meal with Botswana, Indian, and US flavors. The climax of the gathering was the connections with the SCNAs who are on the SCNA weekend at Camp Maria via Zoom. It was a very overwhelming experience for Tootsie.


  1. Joanne Sylvester

    Happy very belated birthday, Tootsie. I am so happy that you got to return to Botswana! Love, Joanne

  2. Ana Whitehurst

    A belated Happy Birthday Tootsie. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and the Sisters in Kentucky. I wish you continued happiness and adventures the whole year. Thank you for guiding Katie and sharing your love of Botswana with her.

  3. Martha Clan

    So good to see your smiling face. I am happy for you! Miss you.

  4. Thom Heil

    Happy birthday, Ms. Gish! What an amazing way to celebrate!

  5. Marcie Heil

    Happy Birthday Tootsie! (a little late) – Am sending this to Thom so he can see the teacher he liked so much!

  6. Maria Brocato

    Belated Happy birthday, dear Tootsie!

  7. Sarah Geier

    Tootsie, you sure know how to celebrate…in a place you love with those you love!! Hello to all there! Katie is hopefully having a good experience.

    • Suster Luje

      Happy Belated Birthday.

      Looks like you enjoyed every minute of your special day.

      Take care of Katie!!



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