This past weekend, as SCNAs gathered in prayer in Nazareth, Kentucky, and SCNs Ann Whittaker and Anne Marie O’ Shea were present to Associates in North Shore, Massachusettes.

“We joined Chet and Jennifer LeBlanc, family, and friends who remembered Lue LeBlanc on the first year anniversary of her passing into eternal life. A Mass was celebrated at Holy Redeemer Parish in West Newbury. We give thanks for Lue and her family … faithful SCNAs for many years!

“We then joined Ann- Marie Houghton and daughter Maria to be present to Ann-Marie’s husband George who is now under hospice care. Together we anointed George with healing, sacred oil and prayed for comfort and peace. We were so aware that the Associate weekend was happening at Nazareth and we were “all one” in presence and prayer!”

– Anne Marie O’ Shea