Associate office in Belize

Posted by Spalding Hurst

January 30, 2019

The SCN Center in Belize City welcomed Andy Meyer, SCN director of Associates and Tammy Mattingly, office coordinator on Sunday for a week-long visit with SCNAs and SCN Ministries.

Sister Bev Hoffman greeted them at the airport on Sunday and it’s been nonstop the first two days. Monday included visits with SCN Associates Michael and Ernestine Usher, a trip to S. Higinia’s Ministry at the YMCA which took them through some of the poorest areas of Belize City and ended with a planning session with Sister Bev and Maggie Vargas, SCNA. The SCN Center will host an event for SCN Associates on Saturday.

Tuesday began early with a morning trip to the market and a visit with Virgin Martinez, SCNA, for a discussion of her experiences as an SCN Associate in Belize. More discussion will occur on Saturday as approximately 25 Associates are expected from Belize City and Dangriga.

The day continued with a visit to LIFE Ministry which began four years ago under the direction of Sister Carlette Gentle. They were honored to meet Sister Carlette’s mom, Mrs. G., and the staff. To their surprise, they were able to speak with Sister Carlette who phoned her Mom while we there.

Later the SCN Center will welcome Sister Chris Kunze and the SCN lay mission volunteers who are building a home in Belize City.


  1. Liz

    A great connection! The gifts of the SCNAs in Belize are tremendous! Just wait til you get to Dangriga! Love and prayer along the way!

  2. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! Welcome to Belize to you!
    So glad you are getting to see some of the ministries. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for Saturday!!!
    So great you could come to strengthen the link with those Associates in the states.
    Continue to enjoy!
    Sr. Maggie

  3. Chris Beckett

    How exciting!

    • Mary Anne Burkardt

      Great to see you all gathering together…with such great loving smiles as you plan ways of meeting an encouraging our beautiful Associates in Belize! Love and prayers are with you all… Loved seeing those smiling SCNs too 😍🙏😇


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