DEC. 1st 2019 – First Commitment of SCNAS of Patna Area: Six Candidates who had been in training for two years with Sr. Jane K. SCN, made their commitment on this our Foundation Day at the Provincial House in Patna. They are Augustina Toppo, Agnes Geremy, Teresa Murmu, Ursula Murmu, Kamala Devi, and Phulmanti Xess. Fr. Michale Ignatius celebrated the Eucharist and encouraged them to be faithful to their commitment. Sr. Philomina Kottoor the Provincial, welcomed them on behalf of the SCN Sisters of the Province. The Sisters present blessed them by extending their hands and singing a song to the Holy Spirit. A delicious meal followed in which all the Sisters of the Provincial House and Arunodaya were present. Phulmanti Xess expressed their gratitude on behalf of the group and said that they are grateful to God and the SCN Congregation for this beautiful opportunity to share in the spirituality and mission of the SCNS. Most of them are very active in their own respective parishes in pastoral ministry such as, Choir, Catechism classes, and reaching out to the poor and sick around them. It was a very happy day for all of us present.

DEC. 5TH 2019 – 6TH Meeting of the SCNAS of Gaya: Five members of Gaya group gathered at Prabha’s house at 6.30 p.m. They are Rajan Singha, Kiran, Rajan, Flora Benjamin, Rajanj Kindo and Prahba Minz Both Benjamin and Prakah Minz were absent. Being the season of Advent we talked about the importance of it and how to get ready for Christmas in an interior way. We also talked about the Extraordinary Missionary Month in October 2019. We all are baptized and sent to be missionaries where ever we are. All shared their views on it and concluded with a prayer and snacks by 7.30 p.m. This group will make their commitment this year in September.

DEC. 21st 2019 – CHRISTMAS GATHERING OF THE SCNAS OF PATNA AREA: The six SCNAs who have made commitment and four more new Candidates came together in the Spirit of Christmas at Navjyoti Niketan, Patna, to share our Christmas message and joy on the 21st afternoon. After singing few songs and sharing the meaning of Christmas for each of us we had refreshments. We took up a collection to help Rajani Kumari, to pay her fees in Arunodaya for her training there. They collected Rs. 9,000/- for this cause.

FEB. 2ND 2020 – Gathering of all the SCNAS of Mokama: All the 7 SCNAS of Mokama gathered at Nazareth Convent, Mokama by 4.00 p.m. They are Ashok Kumar, Joseph Rajender, Anjani Kumari, Nirmala Devi, Sarita Xalxo, Pushpa Tudu and Kunjumol George. First we had tea with the Sisters then began the meeting. Srs. Olive Pinto and Gracy Mlakuzhy were also present. After prayer they were asked to share about their mission. Each one of them took turns to share what they are doing as an SCNA. Two of them are Govt. school teachers so they teach faithfully their students while the other teachers simply waste time sitting around. They show special concern to poor and weak students. Some of them help in the parish to reach out to the sick and the poor by visiting and praying with them. Those in the hospital care for the patients with love and compassion. It was very encouraging to listen to them. After the sharing we prayed over Sr. Olive Pinto for healing and to strengthen her spiritually with hope.

MARCH 1st 2020: Gathering of the 2nd group of SCNA Candidates in Patna: Patna area has got a 2nd group of Candidates who have just began their training as SCNAS. They are Jitendra Kumar, Raymond Osta, Mary Amrit, Anupama Raymond, Clara Tigga and Clotilda Toppo. We gathered at Shalom, Holy Family Hospital, had tea with the Sisters who live there then watched a video presentation on the history and charism of the SCN Congregation. They were very happy to have met more SCNS and to come to know about our charism and history.

MARCH 15TH 2020 – RECOLLECTION FOR ALL THE SCNAS OF PATNA PROVINCE: Six SCNAS of Mokama, Six SCNA Candidates of Gaya joined the ones in Patna at Navjyoti Niketan by 9.30 a.m. for the recollection. They were 23 altogether. Sr. Jane gave them in put on the identity and mission of the Suffering Servant in Prophet Isaiah since it was the Lenten Season. They had time to share in small groups about themselves and their mission as SCNAS. They were very much inspired by listening to each other. Fr. Alphonse celebrated Mass for us and with lunch we concluded. It was a very happy occasion to meet each other. Some photos are given below.

Sister Jane K.
Patna Province