An Adventurous Journey for Vocation Promotion

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

September 8, 2023

Reflection from Ankita Thomas, SCN

On Sept. 7, 2023, SCNs Lilly Luka, Rena Simon Fernandes and Ankita Thomas left for Nongtraw, which is under Maweit parish, Nongstoin. We traveled by jeep on a road, which is unimaginable. One could hardly call it a road as it was very difficult to drive through it. It took us three hours to cover a distance of 30 kilometers.

Though we had hoped to meet just one girl, Erica Nongsiang, we were fortunate to meet one more girl. Errica’s whole family was waiting for us. She is blessed with a big family with eight siblings. It was a joy to meet them and talk to them. The people of this area are very simple and hospitable. Through the earlier contact with the people by SCNs, we already have three candidates from Nongstoin.

95% of the people of Meghalaya are Christians. We hope to get more vocation from this beautiful place as SCNs extend their loving service. It was a joyful experience to meet many families and people.

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  1. Anima Pulukiyil

    Very good Lilly. May your hard work yield fruit and inspire many more young girls to join us and spread our charism and the love of God in the world. May our God shower you with the blessings, courage and strength you need to wave through the hardships you face to carry out your mission and ministry.


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