AmeriCorps Week

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

March 15, 2023

During AmeriCorps Week, we recognize the commitment of individuals like Brenden Dines and Julia Cordts, who are making a significant impact at the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Brenden’s passion for ecological sustainability led him to join AmeriCorps and become a volunteer at Nazareth. Working closely with director Carolyn Cromer in the Ecological Sustainability office, he is overseeing sustainability initiatives on campus, leading an invasive plant removal effort, and providing environmental education to the community.

Julia is spending her time as an AmeriCorps volunteer working closely with Sister Joetta Venneman in the Office of Social and Environmental Justice. She is serving here as an environmental awareness educator. At Nazareth, Julia is learning about the many ways Sisters work for environmental and social justice and she has taken part in various initiatives and conferences.

Nazareth is grateful for the opportunity to host these AmeriCorps volunteers and for all the work they do. 

An AmeriCorps volunteer position in Ecological Sustainability will open in the fall. For information, contact Carolyn Cromer at


  1. Joetta Venneman

    Most appreciative of your yes! Thanks for growing with all of us! Thank you!

  2. Brenda Gonzales

    It has been a joy to encounter both Brenden and Julia this year at Nazareth and our courtroom experience with LG&E vs Bernhiem

  3. Carolyn Cromer

    Brenden and Julia are both giving it their all and have embraced the mission and charism of the SCNs. Thank you to both for their hard work and dedication!

  4. Ellen Sprigg

    Thank you Brenden and Julia for your “Yes” for a year of service with us!


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