AFID Conference & Navjyoti Center

Posted by Spalding Hurst

December 5, 2019

Five of the Navjyoti Centre children welcomed the important guests and the delegates during the official inauguration of the 24th Asian Foundation on Intellectual Disability (AFID) Conference at 11. am on Dec. 3, 2019, at Hotel Yak & Yeti in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. The vice president of Nepal, Nanda Bahadur Pun was the chief guest. Two of our other children along with a former student, Devilal Shreshta and a staff, Ganesh Parajuli were part of singing the National anthem. Devilal, a laborer, along with a few other couples were especially honored for positive inclusivity in the society. His life partner is a normal lady and they have a two-year normal daughter. The five of our beautifully dressed girls stole the show that most participants wanted a photo with them. During the evening cultural program at Rastriya Naach Ghar, Jamal, eleven of our children danced. Sister Lisa Perekkatt and Ganesh Parajuli are participating in the on-going conference from Dec. 2 – 6. The theme of the Conference is ‘equity, equality, and inclusion’.

Navjyoti family welcomed sixty-three AFID Delegates with a flower as they visited Navjyoti Centre on Dec. 5, 2019. After the official welcome and introduction by Sister Lisa, the delegates viewed a short video that highlighted the origin and the overall activities of the Centre. The children entertained the guests with a cultural program of music, dance, and song which the delegates enjoyed thoroughly. They were given a cup with the logo of Navjyoti as a token of our appreciation. The delegates interacted with the children in the classrooms before they had lunch with our Sisters, children, staff, SCNAs, donors and a few parents and invited guests.

Everyone in the campus helped out for this great event. And the delegates were extremely happy to see the well-kept, child-friendly place. Many of them bought some of the items made by our children. They also brought a few presents for our children. It was a day of great joy for all at the Navjyoti Family.

Malini Manjoly, SCN


  1. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    What a gift you have to offer not only to Nepal but to many places and people around the world. Congratulations to the staff, volunteers and children. Catherine would be so proud.

  2. Teresa Kotturan

    What a wonderful opportunity to be part of a big event and then to host them. So proud of our ministry at Navjyoti. Navjyoti has always been in the forefront in the education of differently abled children. Congratulations to Lisa, all SCNs, staff and all others who made it possible.


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