Advocating for Earth

Posted by Dana Hinton

June 21, 2021

On June 16, Brenda Gonzales, SCN, was among the many constituents who participated in a virtual visit with Congressman Brett Guthrie’s office. His aide, Elaina, met with the group.

Sister Brenda shared the commitment of the SCN’s around the world as part of our mission to care for Earth. She spoke of the various ways this is modeled for others. Some of these included the installation of solar panels, a more plant-based diet, charging stations, offsets for carbon emissions, tree planting, gardening and planting of native species.

Sister Brenda ended acknowledging that Nazareth is holy ground and that Nazareth was home to the Shawnee. Thus, our actions, no matter how simple or small, do make a difference.


  1. Rita Davis

    Thanks Brenda. That’s great promotion for Nazareth and all concerned.

  2. Rita Davis, SCN

    That’s great promotion for Nazareth! Thanks to Brenda and to all concerned.


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