SCNs had the opportunity to attend the first Catholic wedding since their arrival in the country. Before the church band played, the bride and groom were welcomed in the church. There was a big celebration with a festive meal for all. On the eve of the wedding, the family members were introduced at a ritual and had a big celebration in the village. Then, as a final celebration, the mass and wedding took place at the church.

Sister Vinaya and Sister Philo attended another celebration on Sunday in Mmopasa Archdiocese. The home parish of the newly elected Bishop of Malindi organized a thanksgiving Mass at Tita Hill in honor of the Bishop. Hundreds of people participated in the event. About 150 people from Malindi Diocese including priests, religious, and the laity went and three buses were arranged. Sisters Vinaya and Philo did not want to miss this golden opportunity. It was a beautiful celebration. After the mass, there was a beautiful cultural program. Though the trip was long, the Sisters really enjoyed it.