A Tribute to Sister Elaine McCarron: A Home Built in Belize

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 3, 2023

The loss of Sister Elaine McCarron was felt deeply by her family, friends, and the countless individuals she touched throughout her life. As a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, she dedicated her life to serving others and spreading kindness wherever she went.

To honor her memory, her niece, Julie Frost, rallied family and friends to support a special project in Sister Elaine’s name (pictured above). She sent out an email in requesting donations for a Home Build in Belize, a place that held a special place in Elaine’s heart.

Belize was a place of great importance to Sister Elaine, and she often spoke of her time there with fondness. Despite the difficult conditions, she fell in love with the people and returned multiple times to continue her good work. It is fitting, then, that a home in her honor should be built in a country that holds such a special place in her heart.

With the fundraising goal completed, Julie sought to build a basic home measuring 16×20 feet, complete with plumbing and electricity, and to name it in honor of Sister Elaine. She encouraged friends and relatives to participate, reminding them of Sister Elaine’s selflessness and her impact on their lives.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the donations came pouring in. Thanks to the generosity of Sister Elaine’s loved ones, the goal was met and the home was built in Belize in accordance with her wishes. The house stands as a testament to Sister Elaine’s life and a lasting symbol of the love and respect she inspired in those around her.

The family of Sister Elaine McCarron was overjoyed when they learned that the home build in her honor in Belize was finally completed. They wanted to extend their heartfelt thanks to all who made it possible. “Aunt Elaine was an incredible person, who brought joy and kept the family connected through her kindness, generosity, and loving nature. Throughout her life, she was revered for her many accomplishments in education and ministry, but to her family, she was simply a fun and loving aunt,” they said.

“With the completion of this beautiful home in her memory, the family hoped that its new occupants would be filled with happiness and create cherished memories for years to come. Aunt Elaine’s spirit would continue to guide them through their journey in life, as she looked down upon them from above, love, Elaine’s family.”

The Home Build in Belize in honor of Sister Elaine McCarron was a collaborative effort of several groups and individuals. Sister Elaine’s legacy of kindness, generosity, and love was celebrated through this project, and her family was proud to have it as a way to remember her.

SCNs Luke Boiarski and Jackulin Jesu, along with Mary Highland, Gay Smith, SCNAs Evelyn Faldowski, and Beth Vetter, and SCLs Vicki Lichtenauer, Laura Morales, and Amy Willcott were among the participants who played a significant role in this project. The Sisters and their partners brought their expertise, skills, and passion for helping others to the project and worked tirelessly to make the home a reality.

The home was gifted to a mother, Rasheda and her son Davion. This family was selected as the recipient of the home in recognition of their need for a safe and secure place to live. The home was meant to be a new beginning for Rasheda and Davion and an opportunity to create memories and experience joy and happiness.

Tears of pure joy flowed as Davion realized he now had his own room in his new home.

The families of Sister Elaine and the participants involved in this project were proud of their collective efforts and the impact they had on Rasheda and Davion’s lives. This special home in Belize was a testament to Sister Elaine’s legacy and her commitment to helping others.

In the end, the Home Build in Belize served as a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Sister Elaine McCarron, a woman whose kindness, compassion, and selflessness will never be forgotten.


  1. John Loretto MuellerOutlook Express

    Elaine was a giftde individualshe had many gifts and talents.I knew Elaine .She calledat the post officet the only place that had a phone. She was going to take a sabbactical for 3 months While in Belize she taught the teachers while.My dear frientd Elainl she was there. Her buggest thrill was coming out of hr jungJe to buy fish from those selling from their boats.Sad t say when she returned home Alzheimer Took her.

  2. Anne Magruder

    A great story of commitment, compassion, and gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marie Underwood

    What a wonderful story of love and giving of your time and energy alerts. Sr Elaine is beaming with pride and so happy for this family.

  4. Maggie Cooper

    Wow, the house is beautiful!! So is the story of Elaine’s family AND the the story of all of you who made this dream come true! What a joy to see what you have done Rasheda and Davion!!!

  5. Ann Palatty

    What a beautiful gesture of compassionate charity.


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