A Journey with Prophets

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

August 18, 2022

The novices were delighted to attend the class of Sister Jane Karakunnel on scriptures, especially on prophets and the Gospel of John from July 11 to Aug. 4, 2022. Through these classes, the novices were enriched by the word of God as they studied and reflected on the call of prophets and their mission. Similarly, the personal experience of John with Jesus was very inspiring to all. Though prophets had their own weaknesses, with the help and strength of God they courageously preached the word of God became a voice for the voiceless and brought justice and truth.

The novices realized that they, too, are called to be prophets of today. They are called to repair and restore the world from injustice, corruption, racial discrimination, and communalism and inequality. Through the Gospel of John, they learned about the love and the personal relationship with Jesus. The” I am” statements of Jesus affirmed the presence of Jesus by being a light, bread, gate, shepherd, life, way, truth and vine in various situations of our lives.  Having experienced Jesus personally through the Gospel of John, some expressed reflections in the form of poems.

Jesus is my Good Shepherd

Jesus is my good shepherd.

I feel happy when Jesus is with me

I am not worried about anything

When Jesus is with me.

I am not afraid

When Jesus is with me because

Jesus is my good shepherd.

Jesus gave me freedom

When I went away from Him

Jesus brought me back to him.

Jesus looked for me

When I was lost in the dark.

Jesus came to me as a bright light.

He did all these with love because

Jesus is my good Shepherd.

When I was hungry

Jesus gave me life-giving food

When I was thirsty

Jesus gave me life-giving water

When I was tired

Jesus gave me a place to rest because

Jesus is my good Shepherd.

Jesus never left me alone

Jesus remained with me

Like a tree with branches

Jesus invites me to remain with Him.

Jesus is my good shepherd.

— Champulo Hassa Purt, novice


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  1. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, Novices, on your experiences with the opening the scrolls of the Scripture. Sister Jane is a learned and experienced teacher of Scripture. St. John is her delight.


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