A Day of Celebration and Hope for the Community

June 24, 2024

Inauguration of Asha Deep Ujjval at the New Location in Gazipur Village

From Bangalore Province Communications

After nearly two months of meticulous preparation, the Asha Deep Ujjval Centre celebrated its official inauguration on June 11, 2024, at its new location in Gazipur Village, Delhi. The event marked a significant milestone for the Centre and the community it serves. The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Ms. Sandhya Singh, a former staff member from DDA Flat, Gazipur Dairy Farm. The event commenced with a warm welcome address, setting a cordial tone for the celebration.

The highlight of the ceremony was the cutting of the ribbon by Ms. Sandhya Singh, symbolizing the official opening of the new Centre. This was followed by a heartfelt prayer and the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, embodying the Centre’s mission to bring light and hope to the community. Mrs. Singh shared a summary of her success story, which was deeply inspiring. She expressed her gratitude toward Asha Deep Ujjval and the Sisters who had played a crucial role in her journey. Her speech resonated with many, as she praised the Centre for its dedication and impact on individuals’ lives.

Following Mrs. Singh’s speech, the director of Asha Deep Ujjval took the stage to share insights about the Centre’s objectives and the significance of its presence in Gazipur Village. The director, Sister Premila Parackatt, highlighted the Centre’s commitment to uplifting the community and providing essential services to those in need. The vision of Asha Deep Ujjval is to create a nurturing environment where individuals can thrive and achieve their full potential. The event saw the attendance of around 40 individuals and notable figures from Gazipur Dairy Farm. Students and well-wishers also joined the celebration, creating a vibrant and supportive atmosphere. The day was filled with positivity and anticipation, marking a new beginning for Asha Deep Ujjval and the residents of Gazipur Village. It was a hope-filled day, emphasizing the Centre’s role in the community and its ongoing efforts to make a meaningful impact.


  1. rita puthenkalam

    Blessings on your renewed endeavour to bring a new impetus to this ministry!

  2. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, Sister Premila. It surely is a sign of positivity and new hope. May God’s blessings be upon your your enterprise.


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