Annual Senior Outing in Belize

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

April 25, 2023

Earlier this month, LIFE’s seniors gathered for their yearly trip. They hopped on a bus generously donated by the Belize City Council and took a scenic drive to the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation Seashore Park.

The purpose of the annual outing is to get the seniors out of their usual surroundings, to enjoy a different part of Belize and hang out with each other. The Seniors had the opportunity to enjoy being by the Caribbean Sea. They played games, won prizes, sang songs and enjoyed a nice lunch of chicken burger. Since the trip was held close to Good Friday, each senior received a cross bun and an Easter basket to take home with them. LIFE also celebrated birthdays for the month of April. Each senior with an April birthday received a card and a cake and happy birthday was sung. All shared how they enjoyed the outing.


  1. Mary Gene Frank

    Looks like a great place. Can’t wait for you to take me there…..

  2. S. Rita Davis

    Looks like all concerned enjoyed the ‘outing’.

  3. Linda Soltis, SCN

    It is a delight to see so many seniors enjoying the day. Glad you made this possible for them.

  4. Charlotte Hazas, SCNA

    What a turnout!! Everyone looks so happy, and you look happy, too, Carlette. Thank you.

  5. Betty Blandford scn

    Great experience for all! Keep up the good work Csrlett!😇

  6. Corrine Giel scn

    I see lots of smiles!

  7. Maria Brocato

    What a wonderful, joyful experience for your Seniors! Blessings on you all!

  8. Louise Smith

    You have created many happy smiles. Great! I am sure you received many thanks! May I add another big THANK YOU!!!

  9. Rosemarie Kirwan

    You did it, Carlette! Now you are going to have to show us on our map where Civil Aviation Seashore Park and Blue Economy are. I know they were delighted by the trip.

  10. Rosemarie Kirwan

    You did it, gal. Now you’re going to have to show us on our map where Blue Economy and Civil Aviation Seashore Park are. I know they all were delighted with the experience.

  11. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! What a great event! Carlette, congratulations on “pulling off” this wonderful event! It sounded wonderful!
    LOVE to everyone!

    • Mary Anne Burkardt, SCN

      Sounds like a wonderful “happening”!!!! Thanks Carlette and all who made it happen!!!! and always grateful to share in the joy and beauty of life in Belize!!!! 🙂 Mary Anne B.


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