14 Recognized During Rainbow Jubilee at Nazareth

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

April 8, 2024

A celebration unfolded on Monday, April 8, as the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth gathered to honor the milestones of commitment and service of 14 Sisters during a Rainbow Jubilee.

Sister Evelyn celebrated 90 years.

Sister Evelyn Hurley marked an extraordinary 90 years of religious life just weeks after celebrating her 109th birthday. SCNs Eileen Mary Meyer and Paschal Fernicola commemorated an impressive 75 years of service. In the company of these venerable Sisters, SCNs Mary Eula Johnson and Rosemarie Kirwan were honored for their 70 years of commitment. SCNs Carmelita Dunn, Carole Kaucic, Gail Collins, Joan Wilson, Kitty Wilson, John Loretto Mueller, and Theresa Knabel celebrated 65 years. Sister Tonya Severin marked 60 years and Sister Rita Davis celebrated 55 years.

These Sisters were celebrated for their enduring commitment to the SCN Mission during Mass, with a festive meal to follow in the Motherhouse Dining Hall.


The Jubilee began with this welcome by Sister Theresa Knabel:

On this feast of the Annunciation, we celebrate the lives and ministry of our 14 Jubilarians. These sisters have served in a multitude of ministries for an astounding number of years totaling 950 years, a millennial of service as vowed religious.

Among these women have been teachers, principals and librarians. They have served in pastoral ministry, youth ministry and campus ministry. They worked in parishes, in health care and in social services. They were communications directors, drivers, bookkeepers, construction project directors and massage therapists. They have served as Vice Presidents in hospitals, as Vice Provincials in the Western Province and in Vocation Promotion.

Among this group we are honored to have several who served in our SCN Missions in other lands. One was in India and five were in Belize for a combined total of 50 years.

We remember Sister Kitty Wilson who cannot be with us today.

We thank you Sisters for your dedication and compassionate caring for God’s people. And we thank God for the call to religious life and God’s faithfulness to us.

Sister Adeline Fehribach gave the homily, which can be read here. 


  1. Phelomena Hembrom

    Congratulations dear Sisters for your enduring commitment to serve the people of God.
    I was very happy to see you all. I remember some of you. I thank God for each one of you. Thank you for your love.

    • Stella

      Congratulations, my dear Sisters. I thank God for all of you for your faithfulness and committed service. I very specially, congratulate and thank S. Gail Collins, my Candidate Mistress for her guidance to many of us in the formation. May God’s Will be done in our lives.
      S.Adeline gave a very meaningful and an inspiring homily. Thank you.


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