🇰🇪 Happy Madaraka Day

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 31, 2023

We celebrate the historic day Kenya attained internal self-rule in 1963. On this special occasion, we honor the strength, resilience, and contributions of our Sisters in Kenya and all people of Kenya. May you continue to inspire and shine brightly in all your endeavors.

Madaraka Day is a national holiday that is celebrated every June 1 in every year in the Republic of Kenya. It commemorates the day in 1963 when Kenya attained internal self-rule after being a British colony since 1920.

Happy Madaraka Day, dear Sisters in Kenya! 🇰🇪❤️

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  1. Ann Palatty

    Happy Madaraka Day. We as Indians understand what it is to be free of British colonialism. So celebrate the day with joy and thanksgiving. May the people of Kenya continue to live in peace and harmony and prosperity.


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